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Farm Animals
Our vets love nothing more than getting out on the farm and getting their hands dirty! We are happy to attend any farm, day or night. We ask our clients to contact us before 10.30am to book in visits for that day but routine visits can be booked weeks in advance. Emergency or urgent visits will be attended as soon as possible.
Procedures we can carry out include:

  1. Tuberculosis screening tests
  2. Farm inspections for Herd Health Plans
  3. Ultrasound for pregnancy diagnosis and fertility problems
  4. Blood sampling for Health Schemes
  5. Routine farm animal procedures e.g. caesarians, castrations,
  6. disbudding, etc
  7. Red Tractor/Welfare inspection visits for pig farms

We also host client meetings on current farming issues and try to provide advice and training for farmers in order to improve their stock health or profits.

We do treat some of the smaller farm animals at the surgery e.g. sheep, calves, lambs, pigs. Our nursing team tend to get very excited at the prospect of caring for some less common four legged friends!

All of our vets are experienced in dealing with horses and some are keen riders themselves. We can attend for all routine visits such as vaccinations, dentistry, sedation for farrier, etc. but we also regularly treat more complicated cases. Services we can provide are:

  1. Lameness work ups including digital x rays and tendon scanning
  2. Mare pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasonography
  3. Pre purchase examinations
  4. Stable inspections
  5. Swabbing for Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM)

To save journey costs, some of our clients bring their horses to the surgery for examination or vaccination. This is something we are more than happy to accommodate but we do ask for an appointment to be made to ensure a vet is available, which will reduce your horse's waiting time.

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